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Blanchard Grinding, Rotary Grinding for Improved Finishes

To complement our CNC cutting services, Benedict-Miller offers rotary grinding and Blanchard grinding metal finishing services for carbon steel and alloy steel plate, bar and parts. The type of grinding you require depends on the finish you want to achieve. Our state-of-the-art metal services capabilities include several machines to ensure a quick turnaround. We also provide TOLL processing.

  • carbon steel, alloy steel
  • Blanchard Grinding
  • Rotary Grinding
  • Grinding to Clean-Up, custom orders
  • Heat Treating for stress relief
  • Toll processing
  • Close tolerances
  • Parallel surfaces
  • Improved finishes
  • 1 piece to production runs
  • Fast turnaround

Blanchard Grinding

Using a great amount of horsepower, Blanchard grinding removes large amounts of stock more quickly and efficiently than other grinding methods. Our Blanchard grinder has a 60" corner-to-corner swing, producing high accuracy and high production repeatability. Depending on the size of the part, parallelism tolerances are commonly from 0.003" to 0.10". Flatness tolerances are dependent upon thickness, length, and width. For smaller, heavier pieces, Blanchard grinding is able to achieve the flattest tolerances. Call 1-908-497-1477 to get immediate answers to your specific grinding questions.

Call 1-908-497-1477 to speak with a knowledgeable, friendly metal services specialist.

Grinding to Clean-Up

Send us your parts and we'll make sure they are cleaned up from top to bottom.

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Heat Treating for Stress Relief

In order to reduce and relieve internal stresses that can compromise a part during or even after the grinding process, parts are heat treated in our furnace prior to grinding. This increases ductility and ensures the part will not bow, twist or even crack as a result of grinding.

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