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Plasma Cutting Service

CNC Plasma Cutting Service for Precision Steel Parts

Plasma Cutting uses extreme heat to effectively melt away excess metal producing edges and corners, providing Water Jet like results at a lower cost and quicker turnaround times.

Benedict-Miller's state-of-the-art machine shop offers you plasma cutting of steel plate, sheet, and round bar for high quality precision steel parts with quick turnaround times and exceptional cost savings. Ideal for cutting steel plate and sheet as well as structural shapes, plasma cutting uses high heat that effectively melts away the excess metal. Plasma cutting produces cleaner, sharper edges and corners (inside and out) on steel up to 1" in thickness.


After your precision parts are cut, they are re-annealed in our furnace to remove the heat affected zone. The heat affected zone is the area of the base metal where the mechanical properties and microstructure have been altered by the heat of the cutting operations. Re-annealing is done to ensure uniform anneal and to remove hard edges that can cause wear-and-tear on machining and cutting tools.

Single Source for All Your AQ Steel Needs

From raw material to flame cutting or plasma cutting and metal services, you can get everything you need from a single, trusted source with years of experience supplying OEMs, distributors, service centers, tool and die shops, and business owners from aerospace, automotive, auto racing, off-road, transportation, construction, alternative energy, defense, and a variety of other industries.

Using your DXF files for cutting precision parts to your exacting specifications, our plasma cutting machines can cut:

  • Steel up to 1" thick
  • Steel plate 72" w x 144" l
  • Diverse Shapes, Clean Edges, Sharper corners
  • O.D., I.D, Closer tolerances
  • Smallest to largest quantity (no minimum!)
  • Square edges accurate to within 1/2" a degree
  • Able to cut hundreds of parts with accurate tolerance repeatability (+/-.015")
  • Rapid Travel motion of 2,000 Inches per Minute
  • Material thickness range of .032" to 1"
  • On mild steel ranging from .032" - 7/8" we can usually keep within 1/2? degree

How We Save You Money

Using a 3D CAD design file to optimize the layout of parts for cutting, our CNC plasma cutting machines are equipped to 'nest' shapes onto the cutting material. This process not only saves time but it saves you money by minimizing the amount of raw materials that could potentially be wasted by poor placement. A lean manufacturing practice, our nesting program is also kind to the environment.

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