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Steel Industry Glossary


Paper Drum
Paper insert placed on the reel around which the coil is wound. The drum is used to eliminate damage in the center of the coil. Certain customers may require that coils are to be shipped with this paper drum.

Passivated Tin Plate
Tin plate that has been chemically treated to control tin oxide formation and growth.

Passivation Treatment
See Chemical Treatment.

Separation of the zinc coating from the steel strip.

Peritectic Grade
Crack sensitive grade of steel with .08 to .16% Carbon.

A type of resin made from a condensation reaction of phenols and aldehydes. Resultant films have a high degree of chemical resistance with limited flexibility properties.

See Bonderized Coating.

1. An operating unit that removes iron oxide from a hot rolled product by immersion into a hydrochloric (#3/#5 Picklers) or sulfuric acid solution.   2. The pickler tank contains 5-6% concentrations of sulfuric acid. This solution is kept at a temperature of 180-190 degrees. The purpose of the pickler is to complete the preparation of the steel for plating, by removing any oxides from the surface.

The process of removing scale from the strip by running it through a series of acid tubs.

Pin Hole Detector
Device that identifies and tabulates the number of pin holes in a coil.

A coating defect consisting of the randomly spaced small round holes (as a straight pin would make in the cured film, which quite often occur in large numbers. The open area (pinhole) usually exposes bare substrate. Contaminated substrate or improperly dispersed lubricant or additive may cause pinholes. Pinholes are typically caused by laminations, inclusions, scratches or gouges.

A coating defect consisting of randomly spaced small depressions in the cured film. Pitting is similar to pinholing, except that pits do not expose the bare substrate.

Plastic Deformation

Permanent deformation occurring in forming of metal which occurs after elastic limits have been exceeded.

An operating unit which electrolytically applies zinc, chrome or tin to black plate.

To paint a manufactured part after at it has been formed.

A problem encountered in the field where the iron-zinc coating (from Galvanneal products) comes off the base metal and collects in the die.

To paint a product in coil form and then manufacture it into a final part.

Press Forming
See Brake Press Bending.

Steel to which a chemical treatment has been applied to prepare it for future surface treatments such as painting. (See Bonderized, Light Special Treatment, Special Treatment, Weirbrite Clear).

Prime Coil
Any coil produced by the line that is not held for any out-of-spec or quality reasons.


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