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Steel Industry Glossary


E.C.A. Number
Engineering Corporation of America -- This is the computerized annealing sequence number used by the Firing Model.

Easy Open End
A convenience feature can end designed to be opened by utilizing an integral tab opener to tear the container lid along a tear line formed in the lid. The patented WEIR-OPEN end is designed so that after the container is opened, safe edges remain on the removable panel portion torn off from the lid body and on the rim remaining on the container. This is accomplished by shielding the residual tear line metal with multi-layer metal folds.

See Electrolytic Chromium Coated Sheets.

Edge Break

A condition caused by an uneven roll surface. It is seen on the edges of a coil, not across the full width of the coil.

Edge Buckle
Edge buckle is similar to center buckle except that the condition occurs in one, or both edges, of the strip and is generally confined to a narrow portion of the width.

Edge Buildup
Condition that results when burred or damaged plate causes the edge of the coil to be higher in coating than the center of the coil.

Edge Wave

A condition in the band of steel where the edges (in the direction of rolling) are longer than the center.

Elastic Deformation
Stretching of the material below the point at which a permanent "set" takes place. That is, in the range where the metal acts spring-like or elastic.

Electrolytic Galvanized (Weirzin)
Cold Rolled or Black Plate to which a coating of zinc is applied by electro-deposition; used for applications in which corrosion resistance and paintability is a primary concern.

Electrolytic Tin Coated Sheets (ETCS)
Cold rolled sheet coated with tin by electrodeposition through an acid or alkaline process.

Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP)
1. Light-gauge, low-carbon, cold reduced steel on which tin has been electrodeposited.  2. Black plate coated with Tin Sn electron deposition.

1. This term is sued on orders specifying tensile test on which a minimum elongation between give points and distances has to be met. This elongation is expressed as percent of stretch over a given length, i. e. 25% elongation in 2 inches.   2. Total plastic strain before fracture, measured as a percent or axial strain during tensile testing.

A coating defect consisting of the crawling or dewetting condition where the wet film recedes and forms a raised (in relief) impression.

Organic material, which is applied in a film to protect or decorate aluminum, tinplate, blackplate or paper.

Epoxy Amino
Clear thermosetting coating with a combination epoxy resin and amino resin to give adhesion, flexibility and toughness. They offer good chemical and solvent resistance.

Epoxy Phenolic
Physical blends of epoxy and phenolic resins. Gold thermosetting coating with a combination of epoxy resin and amino resin to give adhesion, flexibility and toughness. They offer good chemical and solvent resistance.

In metallography, the process of revealing structural details by the preferential attack of reagents on a metal surface.

See Electrolytic Tin Coated Sheets.

See Electrolytic Tin Plate.

Exit End
The delivery end of the line.

Exit Reel (Delivery Reel or Prime Reel)
Reel used to wind the strip after the side trimming process.

Eye Bands
Metal bands wrapped through the center or "eye" of the coil to prevent it from uncoiling and to hold strip mults together.

A coating defect, similar to cratering, but with exposed metal in the void.


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