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Steel Industry Glossary


Walking Beam Furnace
A hot strip mill reheat furnace where the slab is repeatedly lifted and set down at a more forward point in the furnace; this is in contrast to a batch reheat furnace or a pusher-type reheat furnace.

Water Based (Aqueous)
A coating in which the film forming ingredients are dissolved in or suspended in a volatile system containing water as the major solvent.

Wavy Edges
A term used to describe a quality defect in which the edge of the strip is wavy.

A coating weight test.

Weirbrite Clear
A dried-in-place chromate treatment applied to Weirzin to provide a bright finish and excellent corrosion protection for non-painted applications.

Weirchrome (or tin free steel)
Also Electrolytic Chromium Coated Sheets (ECCS) or TFS. Light-gauge, low-carbon, cold reduced steel on which chromium and oxides of chromium have been electrodeposited; primarily used for drawn applications, can ends and closures.

Single reduced product.

Weirkote Plus
Weirton Steel trade name for Galfan; See Galfan.

Double reduced product.

Electrolytic zinc coated steel. Coating weights range from 0.025 oz./sq. ft to 0.20 oz./ sq/ ft. This can be given a variety of post treatments to enhance corrosion resistance and paintability.

White Rust
A coating metal oxide, such as zinc oxide, which develops when the oxygen in the atmosphere mixes with the coating material (such as galvanized coating). See Sacrificial Barrier.

A coating defect consisting of the formation of small ridges or folds in the coating which resemble the surface of a prune, but are usually smaller in size.


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