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Steel Industry Glossary


Quarter Hard Temper
Cold Rolled steel produced to a Rockwell hardness range of 60 to 75 on the B scale. Product of this temper is intended for limited bending and cold forming and can be bent 90 degrees in the rolling direction and 180 degrees across the rolling direction over its own thickness.

Quench Hardening
A process of hardening a ferrous alloy of suitable composition by heating within or above the transformation range and cooling at a rate sufficient to increase the hardness substantially. The process usually involves the formation of martensite.

Quench Tank
1. Tank of water used to quickly cool the strip before it reaches the delivery end of the line.  2. The water bath which is used to cool the steel strip after it has been annealed on CA line or reflowed on the Tin plater.

Quencher Water
Water that keeps boiler duct work cool.


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