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Steel Industry Glossary


Inside diameter (of a coil).

IMIS (Integrated Manufacturing Information System)
Computer system used to record production information.

Impact Tests
Tests to determine the energy absorbed in fracturing a test specimen at high velocity. There are various kinds of impact tests, such as charpy, izod, drop weight, etc.

Refers to a defect when particles of nonmetallic impurities, usually oxides, sulfides, silicates, and such, which are mechanically held in steel during solidification.

Integrated Steel Producer
A steel company which manufactures solid steel products; starts with raw materials such as iron ore, flux, etc, to make molten iron; converts the molten iron to liquid steel in the steelmaking furnaces and processes liquid to solid steel products. See Minimill Steel Producer.

Inter-Chemical Gauge
Wet film thickness can also be measured using an Inter-chemical Gauge. A graduated circular cam is rolled against the plate between two parallel rollers. The wet film thickness is then read directly on cam at demarcation of coating wetting the cam.

Intermediate Temper
A cold rolled hardness range specified with a 15-point Rockwell B spread. See Quarter Hard Temper and Half-Hard Temper.

Internal Cleanliness
Measure of number and types of non-metallic inclusions such as oxides, sulfides or silicates.

IPM Number (In-Process Material)

A seven-character number, consisting of the unit ID and sequential production number, used to track production history of a coil. The letter and first digit are used to identify the production unit and the last five digits are the sequential production identifying number.


An identifiable piece of steel; can be a slab, coil, or a bundle of sheets, or several slit mults banded together.

Iron-Zinc Alloy Coating

See Galvanized.

ISO Codes
The codes that designate the amount of contamination in the oil.

Isolate (Isolation)

To remove a boiler, or any particular part or system of a boiler, form service by closing the manual valves.


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