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Steel Industry Glossary


Half-Hard Temper
Cold Rolled steel produced to a Rockwell hardness range of 70 to 85 on the B scale. Product of this temper is intended for limited cold forming and will only withstand 90-degree bends made across the rolling direction.

Halogen Method
The plating solution basis at WSC; other methods include ferrostan and MSA (methyl sulfonic acid).

Defined in terms of the method of measurement. 1. Usually the resistance to indentation. 2. Stiffness or temper of wrought products. 3. Machinability characteristics.

Hardness Value
Degree to which a material resists deformation, indentation or scratching. There are many numerical scales (and thus methods) to measure the hardness value (example: Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, etc.)

Heat Cover
A cylindrical or rectangular inner cover placed over the coils prior to placing the furnace on the base in the Batch Anneal.

Heat Exchanger
Removes heat from oil with water, which comes from #5 cell.

Heat Number

In the Batch Anneal, this is the computerized annealing sequence number used by the Firing Model to associate target values to the Heat Sequence. It is required to run the Firing Model. In the BOP a sequential number assigned to each batch of steel.

Heat Treatment
Heating and cooling of a solid metal or alloy in such a way to achieve the desired microstructural/mechanical properties.

One batch of steel made in a furnace.

Heavy Coating
A condition caused by too much coating being applied to the strip.

Heavy Gauge
Product with a thickness above the customer’s maximum gauge tolerance.

Heavy/Light gauge
Steel plate not meeting customer gauge specifications.

Term used to describe the frequency in an AC circuit. Essentially the same as cycles. If a circuit is 60 Hz or 60 cycles, that means that the AC wave has gone through 60 complete waves in one second.

A coating defect consisting of a randomly oriented small speckled appearance on coated plate after inks are applied.

High Carbon Grade
At Weirton Steel, steel with a Carbon content of .20% or more. See Low Carbon Grade and Medium Carbon Grade.

High Rockwell
A condition that occurs when the hardness of the steel is above the maximum limit as specified by the customer.

High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA)
A specific group of steel in which higher strength, and in some cases additional resistance to atmospheric corrosion or improved formability, are obtained by moderate amounts of one or more alloying elements such as columbium, vanadium, titanium, used alone or in combination.

Coil type indicating that a produced coil or lift has problems that need to be resolved by the Quality Assurance department.

Hot Bands
See Hot Rolled Sheets.

Hot Dipped Galvanized
See Galvanized.

Hot Mill
The rolling mill that reduces a hot slab into a coil of specified thickness; the whole processing is done at a relatively high temperature (when the steel is still "red").

Hot Roll
Product that is sold in its "as produced state" off the Hot Mill with no further reduction or processing steps aside from being pickled and oiled (if specified).

Hot Roll Base
Hot rolled coils which have been pickled in an acid solution to remove surface oxidation, then is oiled to prevent rust. Coils that come directly off of No. 5 Pickler and were not cold roll reduced on the tandem mill. These coils will usually have a 20" ID. (Outside-supplied hot roll base may have a 24" ID.

Hot Roll, P&O
Hot Roll Pickle and Oil that does not go to a in-house Tandem Mill. It may not necessarily be shipped out; it could go to the No. 8 Temper Mill.

Hot Rolled Sheets
Manufactured by hot rolling slabs to the required thickness.

Hot Rolling Mill
See Hot Mill.

Hot Strip Mill

A mill that rolls reheated slabs into coils. Also, Hot Mill.

See High Strength Low Alloy.


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