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Steel Industry Glossary


Tandem Mill
A cluster of rolling mills where mill stands are in tandem. At WSC, this terminology generally refers to WSC’s cold reducing mills.

Telescoping Coil
A coil that has not wound properly whose sidewall protrudes out. Tension problems or a bad start on the exit reel causes this condition.

Temper Code
Industry-standard code that indicates the hardness of the steel.

Temper Mill

A relatively light cold rolling operation that may be used on hot rolled, cold rolled and some coated steel such as galvanized. Temper rolling hot rolled sheet helps to improve flatness, minimize coil breaks and fluting and alter mechanical properties. Temper rolling cold reduced and coated sheet steel improves surface finish, alters mechanical properties and reduces the tendency of the steel to flute during fabrication.

Temper Rolling
A cold-rolling process that develops the proper stiffness temper in steel, improves flatness, and imparts a desired surface finish.

A condition produced in a metal or alloy by mechanical or thermal treatment and having characteristics structure and mechanical properties. A given alloy may be in the fully softened or annealed temper, or it may be cold worked to the hard temper, or further to spring temper. Intermediate tempers produced by cold working (rolling or drawing) are called "quarter-hard", "half-hard" and "three quarters hard", and are determined by the amount of cold reduction and the resulting tensile properties. In addition to the annealed temper, conditions produced by thermal treatment are the solution heat-treated temper and the heat-treated and artificially aged temper. Other tempers involve a combination of mechanical and thermal treatments and include that temper produced by cold working after heat treating, and that produced by artificial aging of alloys that are as-cast, as-extruded, as-forged and heat treated, and worked.

Tensile (Tension) Test
A destructive mechanical test whereby strength and ductility properties are measured.

Tensile Strength
The greatest longitudinal stress steel can sustain without breaking.

Tension Level

Stamco Leveler in #5 Galvinized line – levels the steel.

See Tin Free Steel.

Three-Piece Can

Three-piece cans consist of a body and two ends. The body side seam can be accomplished by soldering, cementing or welding. The two ends are attached using a double-rolled seam. The curl on the end, containing the seal compound and its flange on the can body are indexed and rolled flat. The sealing compound between fold gives an hermetic seal.

Tin Coated Steel

See Tin Plate.

Tin Free Steel (TFS)
1. Single or double reduced black plate having a thin coating of chromium and chromium oxide applied electrolytically. Weirton’s trade name is Weirchrome and the coating weight is 5 mg/sq. ft. or 0.000003 inches thick.  2. Carbon steel that is coated with chromium rather than tin. Weirton’s trade name is Weirchrome and the coating weight is 5 mg/sq. ft. or 0.000003 inches thick.

Tin Mill Product
Tin Plate, TFS, or Black Plate.

Tin Mill

Facility at Weirton Steel Corporation that produces black plate and electroplated zinc, chrome and tin.

Tin Plate
Steel that is coated with commercially pure tin.

The range of variation permitted in maintaining a specific dimension or specification.

1. Long-handled pliers used to remove scrap pieces from the welder or other sections of the line.  2. See ‘Heppenstall.’

Top Dross
Skimmings for the continuous galvanize pot. Composition consists of approximately 87% zinc. 5% aluminum, and 6% to 8% iron.

Torpedo Car
The hot metal car used to carry molten iron from the blast furnace to steelmaking units.

A science that deals with the design, friction, wear and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

Triple Spot Test
See Minimum Triple Spot Average Coating.

The reservoir at the top of the continuous caster into which molten steel is poured.

Type D
Base-metal steel, aluminum killed; sometimes required to minimize severe fluting and stretcher strain hazards for severe drawing applications.


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